VC270-2137 Low Noise Vacuum Cleaner Black

VC270-2137 Low Noise Vacuum Cleaner Black


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Arshia Vacuum Cleaner brings simplicity and versatility to every household. This vacuum cleaner has various suction nozzles for multi-purpose with flexible spring hose from skirting boards, crevices and gaps in the flooring. The power cord is 8 meters in length for easy access and a dust bag full indicator function. Designed with Low Noise Level and has suction power of 410 watts. With Arshia Vacuum Cleaner, breeze around the house with ease and keep your dust allergies at bay.


–2400W max. motors, strong suction power

–4Literes dust capacity

–Electronic 5 Speed Control with LED Display

–Suction Power of 410Watts

–8 meters power cord length for easy use

–Motor Protection thermostat

–Low Noise Level Design

–High efficiency while low noise with HEPA filter

–One appliance fit with various suction nozzles for multi-purposes

–Dust bag full indicator function when the dust bag or the air filter is full of dust

–Flexible spring hose

–Suitable for cleaning on carpet, hard floor, wall, ceiling, Sofa, certain and bed