DC786-1399 20CM Titanium Coated Frypan


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Titanium coated frypan are German hand casted with aluminum alloy thermos based materials for superb cooking. It is extraordinarily strong with good heat distribution. It’s non porous, nonreactive, non allergic and has an antibacterial coating. Titanium casserole resists scratching, denting and is safe to use in the oven. The nonstick nature of the coating allows you to cook food without the use of butter, oil or water. Truly, with titanium casserole you can aid your family in healthy cooking.


–Stick surface coating Hand cast aluminum alloy

–8–10 mm strong thermo-base

–No warping of bases even at high temperatures

–Extremely durable non-stick surface coating

–Fixed handles, side handles and lid knobs are ovenproof up to 500°F (260°C)

–Five layers of coating in the cookware with minimum shell thickness of 100 microns