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water dispenser

Flugel Hot and Cold Dispenser with Refrigerator


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Experience the delight of 2 innovations in 1– Flugel Hot and Cold Dispenser with Refrigerator. This will help you save space and money by not having to purchase refrigerator. Ideal for offices, workshops, rooms, garages or dormitories to store lunch and snacks. It comes with automatic temperature controlling technology, LED heating and cooling indicator lights and Food-grade stainless steel hot & cold tanks. This Dispenser will surely ensure both hot and cold water with a safe, clean place to keep your water and food.

– Food-grade stainless steel hot & cold tanks

– Low noise, Low energy, high performance and long service life

– The compact tray for easy convenience and easy removable cord.

– High-efficiency compressor cooling

-High-intensity side plate

-LED heating and cooling indicator lights

-Strong refrigeration with low noise

-Fully automatic temperature controlling technology