Citrus juicer
Citrus juicer

CJ135-2886 Citrus Juicer


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Crafted with a high-quality stainless steel and cast iron, Arshia Citrus Juicer is a durable and reliable tool that lets you do all the DIY healthy fruit juice at home with less efforts and less time . Made with highly skillful workmanship with a hand and 300 watts motor power, that allows you to well control the process of squeezing  soft and citrus  fruit such as lemon and orange. it has a large pulp tank and no volume limitations. it allows maximum extraction from the smallest limes to the largest grapefruits and promises the best taste ,quality , and safety. all removable parts are dishwasher safe for cleaning.

Features : 

- 300W  power consumption 

- Built-in sensors activate the juicing process

- Stainless Steel Filter and Spout

- Any volume capacity , large removable pulp tank 

- Anti-drip sealable spout 

- Dishwasher Safe