Pizza maker
Pizza maker

6 in 1 Pizza Maker Black PM118-2524


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Create your cravings at the comfort of your own home with ARSHIA 6 in 1 Pizza Maker. It features powerful 1800 watts for quick heating so you can cook your own pizza according to your liking. This is not your ordinary pizza maker for it also works as a home grille, toaster, steamer, and the like.  It has a dual-surface grill for even heating conduction of 360 degrees and a non-stick surface for easy release of food. No pre-heating required! Your freshly cooked pizza will be ready in minutes. Controls for time and temperature settings are easy to use. Enjoy your fresh pizza straight from your creative kitchen. 

– Powerful 1800 watts for quick heating

–Cook your own Fresh Pizza according to your Preferences

–Enjoy eating Crispy. Delicious & Homemade Pizza in minutes

–A Versatile Device works as a 6-in-1 Mini Oven Cooker

–Functions Include Cook, Bake, Toast, Sear, Grill, And Steam.

–Non-Stick Surface PFOA-Free for easy release of food

–Dual-Surface Grill for even heat conduction of 360 degree Easy-to-Use Controls of Temperature and Timer Setting